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Suddenly this is back? Why?

Trans people's safety, rights, and healthcare are under attack internationally, and our history is being rewritten as part of that narrative. Our past and history is important, and UK Trans Info's site captures a chunk of that history for the UK's trans community. The documents on this site span a range of 2005 - 2017.

We will not be erased, and this archive serves as time capsule, monument, and memorial to everyone who has fought, is fighting, and will fight for our rights and safety.

Something is incorrect/out of date/rumour/etc.

Probably. Not to sound rude or anything, but the last update to the site was in July of 2017 -- 6 years to the month prior to this archive launching. Some of the information was out of date at that point, and will be even more so now.

(If you need more up to date information, consider a resource from this list.)

At this stage, this website is not intended to serve as an up-to-date information resource.

There's a technical problem with the site!
or: A document or attachment is missing!

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. please! Technical issues will be resolved. (or at least a resolution will be attempted!)

What about the other UK Trans Info microsites?

Working on it! Backups of these are a little messier, but the intention is that these sites will also be back up as an archive.

Are any of the social media pages still up?

The UK Trans Info Facebook group still exists, but it's important to note that the Facebook group and the archive are not related to one another -- the moderators and admins of that group operate totally independently from this site.

The Ello page is still up, but similar to this site is not being used or monitored anymore.

The tumblr blog is also still around, although it has a new address where it automatically got moved onto a tumblr domain.

For some reason, Twitter suspended @UKTransInfo, so those posts are no longer available there.

Please note: I am not maintaining the social media accounts and it is entirely plausible that someone else could still have access. Please bear that in mind when considering information from those sources, particularly any posts which may have been made more recently than 2017.

Who is running the archive?

... why? you a cop?

I want to contact you about something.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. [GPG key (for nerds)] can be used for technical or administrative issues only. Questions and requests are welcome, but dependent on free time. Support, resources and signposting cannot be offered, but there's other places available!

I can't login!

That's very intentional. :p

There's something of mine I would like taken down/anonymised/etc.

Please feel free to reach out and we can discuss it!

Do you know how to reach <some specific person who was affiliated with UK Trans Info>?

Probably, but it doesn't mean I'm going to do it.

These answers are getting a little obnoxious.

make me.

Isn't this a different domain name from the original?

yes :(

If you happen to know a way to fix that though, please get in touch.

I'm looking for a specific document and can't find it on the site.

First, try the search if you haven't already! I made sure it still works the way it should.

If that's not helping, there's a few things to bear in mind:

First, the contents of the attached documents are not indexed and can't be searched (the extract can, if it has one).

Second, language changes! What you're looking for might not be called that anymore. Try some older terminology and spellings. Bear in mind that many of the documents were written by medical professionals, academics, researchers, and governments, all of whom have a tendency to lag behind the community itself in terms of terminology for any given period of time. (non-binary vs nonbinary, trans*, transsexual, genderqueer, etc -- I'm not updating all that metadata lol)

Third, I feel like this is probably obvious, but use British spelling when searching ;) 

If the search isn't working, you could also try navigating through categories. Finally, if you're sure it was here, and you can't find it, email! I'll try to hunt it down.

It's not an exact replica, there's a few things missing!

I've removed the mailing list subscription form because I don't want people sending off their emails to Mailchimp just to get an error and having their email logged somewhere.

I've also removed the donation button from the footer because, even though the PayPal account was still active, I'm confident no one would receive the money and it would simply be eaten by a bank. No one needs to be literally throwing away money rn. The 'Our Work' page is similarly blank because the last version of the site had it only to contain a donation form.

Obviously I also added the giant Archive Copy notice to the header, which also involved rearranging a couple of the top widgets to make it fit.



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